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Event standards will be published within the next three weeks.

Tested events:




GST (modified-there will be no vehicle ID portion as part of GST)


Vehicle ID (modified-separate event from GST and will be in the field with pop-up images; will include vehicles from North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, UK, France and US)


Call for Fire (will be in the CFF simulator and will involve several CFF scenarios, which will build in complexity)


Scout Squad STX lane, which will involve a mission/scenario received in the field, dismounted land navigation to several points, establishing OPs, CFF, and several other scout squad level and below skills from the various applicable FMs.  The squads will leave the event with a total score that the evaluators will add together based off of matrix they will use for grading all the micro-events in the STX.


Stress shoot

Final Charge, which will be a series of fast and small lanes on one field that builds on multiple skills each squad demonstrated throughout the week, all for time

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